Lecture videos uploaded – Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

Edited lecture videos for Physics 4A (Spring 2023), Physics 4B (Fall 2022), and Physics 4C (Spring 2023) have been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

As usual, the most recent orientation session video has replaced the older orientation session video, at the beginning of the playlist. The newly edited videos are at the end of the playlist, and as I work through updating next semester’s course sites on Canvas LMS (Physics 4A and 4B for Fall 2023), I will place these videos into proper place.

Oh, and one new playlist I’m creating (mostly for material that I imagine I need to do on a semesterly basis, because things change between semesters): Physics 4 Conceptual Questions.

And as usual, the regular playlists are organized by courses:

Lecture note on motion graphs

This is something to fill in the gap in OpenStax coverage I found last semester, motion graphs. Other textbooks I have used before have a section or a subsection dedicated to this topic, which seems to be missing on OpenStax University Physics Volume 1.

So, this is the note written to cover the gap (may need to revise a little in the future, after lecturing on additional examples).

Spring 2022 lecture videos posted

I finished processing recorded virtual class sessions from Spring 2022 (for Physics 4A and Physics 4C) and posted them on our YouTube channel ( As usual, they are added at the end of the existing playlists (Physics 4A playlist and Physics 4C playlist) and moved around as I prepare for the new semester (the videos occur roughly in the order they appear in the course LMS site).

Oh, I guess this means the Physics 4C playlist will remain in that order for some time, as I am working on Physics 4A and 4B material for the upcoming semester.