Physics 10 and 10L

Physics 10 (Introduction to Physics) and Physics 10L (Introduction to Physics Lab) are introductory, conceptual physics courses covering motion, forces, gravity, matter, energy, momentum, rotation, oscillation, sound, heat, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, light, quantum physics, atoms, nuclei, and relativity.

They may be used to satisfy one-semester physics requirement (without lab or with lab) for allied health programs, or for students who have not taken high school physics as preparation for Physics 4 sequence.

Physics 10 (Online Course)

Physics 10 lecture course at College of Alameda is an online class. Please make sure that:

  • If you are registered in class, check your Peralta email address regularly. When this semester’s course website is available, the announcement will be sent to your Peralta email address.
  • If you are wait listed, also check your Peralta email address regularly. You will receive an email from the instructor asking you to respond to the email for the add code for the class. As a general course policy, all students in the wait list until the first day of classes will be added to the class.
  • If you cannot get on the wait list, please email the instructor. Physics 10 instructor for Spring 2020 is Andrew Park.

Course Material: (new since Summer 2018) Great news! Your course material is free! All necessary course materials are provided free of charge digitally. We are using a version of textbook derived from OpenStax College Physics (pared down to fit into one semester).

Textbook access options:

Your other course materials, including homework assignments, are available on the course Canvas site.

Exams: There will be four midterm exams (Exams 1, 2, 3, and 4) and one cumulative final exam. Because this is an online class, there will be online options in addition to face-to-face (in-person) options available for exams. Please refer to the syllabus for details. Note: face-to-face exam option is recommended for everyone who can make it.

Syllabus Examples: Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Fall 2018, Summer 2018

Online Lecture: Publicly available online lectures for Physics 10 can be found on YouTube.

Lab Course Available: When taken with Physics 10L (more info below), Physics 10 and 10L together will satisfy a “physics with lab” requirement for most schools and programs requiring one semester of physics.

Physics 10L

Physics 10L is a lab-only class (meant to be taken with Physics 10 or after Physics 10) designed to complement Physics 10. It is suitable for:

  • Non-science major students who need to satisfy a physical science with lab requirement (need to take Physics 10 also; Physics 10L satisfies the “with lab” part).
  • Intended physics and engineering major students, wanting to go deeper into topics covered in Physics 10, if they are not ready to take Physics 4A yet.
  • Students who want to see all the fun demos and lab activities in Physics 10 first-hand.

All required course materials (with exception of lab notebook, which can be any regular notebook) for Physics 10L will be provided free of charge as part of the class.

Syllabus Example: Physics 10L Syllabus Spring 2019